Muscle-bound Christians

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What are your workout goals?

Spiritually, I mean. What do you want to achieve in your walk with the Lord?

It does take work. Just like a bodybuilder or a boxer, you can’t achieve your fighting trim while couch surfing.

You’ve got to pump some iron every day.

Proverbs 24:10 makes the reason plain.

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.”

You’ve got to build some spiritual muscles if you want to overcome the attacks of the devil. How is that possible? Here are five ways:

  • Wake up in a prayerful frame of mind. Groggy? It makes no difference. Running late? You can be prayerful at the same time. Make your first thoughts of God and what you need from him that day.
  • Find time for the Bible before you step out of the house. Read from a devotional, open the Word, or get a Promise Pack and pull one out with your coffee. Get God in your thoughts.
  • Look for God’s blessings each day. Find ways he’s been good to you. Remark on them. Write them down. Notice his presence around you all the time.
  • Team up with a prayer partner. Use e-mail, your phone, or meet up in person. Tell them what’s going on with you, and listen to their story, too. Support each other wholly in the Name of Jesus.
  • Get connected in a fellowship. Attend church. Volunteer for something. Make your attendance invaluable so people will miss you if you’re gone.

Follow these rules, and you’ll soon find your spiritual muscles popping out all over. You’ll become a warrior for Jesus, and your spiritual strength will become an example for those around you.

Our strength in Jesus comes through our daily involvement with him.

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