Shedding the Sinner’s Skin

Snakes are special creatures. From the earliest pages in the Bible, they are denigrated as vile creatures from the underworld, the very embodiment of Lucifer, the wickedest of those cast from heaven.

Yet, there is one thing about snakes that we can use to truly understand how God wants us to live as Christians.

First, let’s look to a verse in the Bible. We read in Proverbs 1:10-12 about the world’s enticements. The dark forces embedded in the earth will lie in wait for us, ready to entangle us as we go about our daily business. They will bring the innocent down without cause, forcing them to stumble into the very pit of hell.

Now, what positive aspect of snakes can we find in all this entrapment and “pit of hell” stuff? After all, wasn’t it the snake that tried to entrap Adam and Eve back in the Garden of Eden?

There is something about a snake that is so special it provides us a perfect object lesson on how to live for Christ. A snake can only grow when it sheds its skin. If it never sheds its skin, it will become entangled and die, even as it moves about the earth searching for life.

That is how we must live. As parents, we must shed our sinner’s skin, taking on righteousness, so that we may train our children up to resist the enticements of the world. How will our children survive the evil one’s attacks? They, also, will learn to shed their skin, letting the sins they carry slough off. They will grow in the Lord, seeking out new life. They will find strength in our example, and they will teach their children in the same way.

They will become as snakes who have shed their skins, becoming new creatures in the Lord, unfettered and growing ever bigger and stronger in him. They will have shed the sinner’s skin, and the devil’s attacks will peel off with it, leaving them undamaged and invincible for the Lord.

Becoming a new creature for Christ means stripping away all that our old man once was.

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