God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian (Volume 4)

God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian Volume 4Spiritual advice. To whom do we turn?

Our mother? Our pastor?

We are advised to turn to the Bible, and no one can quibble about that suggestion. After all, we learn of the teachings of Jesus in that revered book.

Yet, there are over twenty translations out there, and that’s just in English. Which one do we pick?

After all, the Bible characters we read about didn’t write the tales in King James English or even New American Standard. If we don’t speak ancient Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, how can we be sure just what the writers intended to say?

How can we get the truth that God means for us to have?

God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian is designed for exactly that. This set of essays brings God’s message from 2,000 years ago into our modern language with examples from the 21st century.

After reading this book, you will understand what discipleship means to the contemporary Christian as you never have before.

May you get as much from these essays as I got from writing them.

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