The Peace in a Good Heart

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Take two people.

One rages at the world, and the other finds good things to celebrate every day.

What makes the difference? Why is the one angry all the time, and the other filled with joy?

Is it circumstances? Are some people burdened with more difficult situations? They live their lives among nettles and thorns, barely keeping ahead of the things that try to pull them under?

Or is it something else, like an attitude of gratitude, where one person is thankful for the good things instead of focusing on what hasn’t lived up to snuff?

Proverbs 14:30 addresses this question.

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”

Here’s what we must understand: Having the good things in life doesn’t guarantee us happiness.

Big houses don’t attract sincere flattery. Exotic cars can’t ease our broken heart. If we’re lonely, we won’t feel any more appreciated just because we can flash a lot of cash.

We must start with a baseline of thankfulness. Find the little things we can be grateful for. The red light changed just as we drove up. We made it to the gas station in time. Our credit card wasn’t rejected. There’s still butter in the fridge. The roses bloomed. The rain watered the garden. Our grandson called. The pastor held us up in prayer.

Are you seeing this? Peace doesn’t come from what we own. It flows from how thankful we are.

We must get our eyes off the wealth of the world and onto the person of Christ. He is our  salvation, and in him, we will find our peace.

When we lose sight of Jesus, the rest of our life becomes nettles and thorns.

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