The snowmen have melted and the ice is gone from the roof. Strings of lights are put away for another holiday season, and the chocolates of Valentine’s Day are long since eaten.

The season is changing once again, and we can look forward to the bright days of spring.

However, we cannot second guess the weather. All it takes is a blast of artic air, and it is winter all over again.

That is our WINDY God, reminding us of his power and might, even as we begin to relax our guard. He is in the wind, and he goes and does as he will.

Let’s look at our WINDY God:

W – He fills the WHOLE earth with his magnificent presence.

Daniel 2:35 describes the awesome power of the Lord, for in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, a rock first crushed the kingdom, then the rock grew to encompass the WHOLE earth. That rock was God.

When the devil comes at us, and we see his presence as overwhelming, we must remember that our God is as big as the world, and he can crush the enemy with the smallest of movements.

I – He is our INHERITANCE as blood-washed Christians.

Colossians 1:12 tells us to give our thanks unto the Father. It is by the hand of our God Almighty that we receive the bountiful blessing of our expected glory to come.

Our situation on this world is not God’s final plan for us. Whether we are blessed with material goods or simply eking out a living, our true wealth will come in heaven. We are spiritual beings, and what we can touch now is only temporary. Heaven is our INHERITANCE as children of the Light.

N – He is our NOURISHER and our giver of good gifts.

Ruth 4:15 illustrates how God cares for those who follow after him. This verse sings with praises to God, for he is Naomi’s restorer and the NOURISHER of her old age.

When we see the future as bleak, and despair fills our days, we can look upward, for we have a God who sees our every need. He will come to us, and he will provide that which we didn’t know we needed.

D – He is the DIVINE that keeps his promises unto everlasting.

2 Peter 1:4 gives us the assurances that God cannot be other than God. It is in his nature to be DIVINE, for he has the power to give life unto all creation.

When we worry that our season of harsh weather will never end, we must remember that God is by his very nature the giver of life. He will come unto us once again, gifting unto us his glory and blessings.

Y – He is our YEA and amen God.

Psalm 68:3 encourages us to rejoice in the presence of the Lord, for if we are righteous, we can be glad in our Creator. We are to lift our hands in praise and sing unto him.

We do not rejoice in our circumstances. Rather, we rejoice in the one who made all creation, for he is the one in whom we can say: YEA, let them exceedingly rejoice, for he is the king of all the earth.

When we take time to be reminded of the greatness of our God, he won’t have to do it for us.

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