Three Blind Mice

The tale of the three blind mice is an integral part of our entertainment culture. From Disney (Old King Cole, 1933) to James Bond (Dr. No, 1962), it is stamped on our consciousness.

Even sports are not exempt, for the three blind mice stand for the three umpires or referees. The three descending notes of the infamous song are enough to raise the hackles on officials’ backs.

Snippets of the little creatures can also be heard in video games (Radar Rat Race, 1981) and songs by well-known artists (Parliament, 1977 and Rush, 1987-1988).

Christians in the early church also played the parts of the three blind mice. In 2 Corinthians 13:1-4, Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, proposing he come for a visit. The church leaders at Corinth had been blinded to the truth. Not only did sin abound in the church at Corinth, but more pointedly, Paul’s gospel had challenged the Corinthians previously, and there were those that questioned Paul’s authority as an apostle.

Three blind mice. Were they to be blinded to the truth forever? Or would the leaders of the church at Corinth open their eyes before the power of God’s Word as it was presented by Paul?

Paul’s proof to the church at Corinth was Jesus crucified. Even though Jesus had all the power of heaven at his command, he allowed himself to be crucified, so that he could empower us as his followers.

Where has the modern day church been blinded? What has God come to us with over and over, and we have refused to see the truth? Are we blinded in our finances, perhaps in our personal relationships, or is it in our spiritual relationship with him?

Three blind mice. Three blind mice. Let’s open our eyes before another round is sung.  All power comes through Jesus Christ. It is when we become weak in ourselves that we can find the strength to live in him. We must learn to see what God is showing us, because only then can we learn to grow in his power and authority.

When we draw close to God, the scales will fall from our eyes, and we will see that he is the Truth, the Light, and the only Way to eternal life.

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Originally Published: 10-8-21 in Kingdom of God

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