The Small Rainbow

Rainbows are transient things, not there in the most real sense, but rather an effect of several other things. What makes up a rainbow? Water. Sunlight. That’s it. Even then, however, we must be at a certain angle to the sun, and the water in the sky must be in a certain location, or the rainbow is not there at all.

But who cares about all that? It is the beauty of the rainbow that is important. It spans the sky, and in all its colors we see the magnificence of God’s creation exemplified.

What rainbows really do is signal the coming clearing, the ending of the storm, and the brightening of the day. In Genesis 9:17, God tells Noah that the rainbow is a sign unto man that he will never again destroy the earth by flood.

We cannot see a rainbow in the midst of the storm, however. If there is no sun, there is no rainbow. It takes water droplets refracting the sun’s rays to create the rainbow, and without both, the magic is simply not there.

Hence God’s promises.

God reassures us that the storm will end. We will see our rainbow. No matter how dark the clouds, the sun will eventually break through. God’s promises are our “small rainbows.”

Here are ten of God’s small rainbows to which we can cling in the time of storm:

God’s Small Rainbow #1 –

Genesis 8:1 tells us that God remembered Noah, and the waters receded.

God’s Small Rainbow #2 –

Psalm 3:2-6 says the Lord answers us from his holy hill.

God’s Small Rainbow #3 –

Mark 4:30-34 relates Jesus’ story of the mustard seed that grows to be the largest of all garden plants.

God’s Small Rainbow #4 –

Luke 18:35-43 describes Jesus giving sight to the blind man.

God’s Small Rainbow #5 –

1 Corinthians 15:54-58 lets us know that death has lost its sting through our victory in Jesus Christ.

God’s Small Rainbow #6 –

Revelations 22:18-21 promises Jesus is coming soon.

God’s Small Rainbow #7 –

Leviticus 26:40-45 reassures us God will honor his covenants with us.

God’s Small Rainbow #8 –

Joshua 10:25 wants us to be strong and courageous, for the Lord is with us.

God’s Small Rainbow #9 –

Job 5:16 states that the poor have hope.

God’s Small Rainbow #10 –

Romans 5:2-7 offers us the glory of God, for hope does not disappoint those who are in Christ.

In the darkest storm, we can see the small rainbow in the breaking clouds, and we know the end is come. We are filled with hope, because we can see the clearing sky.

God’s promises give us that hope. Even amidst the troubles that surround us, when we cling to one of God’s promises, we have his small rainbow with us all the time.

When we keep our eyes on Jesus, he is our promise of hope.

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Originally Published on 4-17-14 in Hope

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