Letting It Go

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What’s got your goat this week?

By that, we mean, who has done the same thing they do every time, and you’re up to here with it? They don’t have a nut in their noggin, and you don’t see how anyone so stupid can get out of bed and put their pants on to leave the house.

On the day they were born, surely God was to the end of the line, and he had run out of brains, but it was too late to stop the process.

Hence, you can’t take their nonsense anymore.

God says to let it go. That’s right, put on your big boy or girl pants, suck in your gut, and be the Christian your salvation says you should be.

Here’s how God says it in Proverbs 17:14:

“The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out.”

Yeah, back up, Jack. Go home, Joan. Make your excuse, Luce, and save the day for other things.

You don’t have to argue. You are not forced to fight. That quarrel isn’t worth it, and you know it. It only brings hurt and remorse, and you never feel satisfaction even when you win the shouting match.

Be the loving hand of God in every situation. Let kindness rule the day. Step away when you can, don’t go there at all if you must. Find another way.

We are the children of God, and Jesus must be reflected in us.

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