Jesus and the Peace Flag

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Getting along with people even when we disagree.

Those sound pretty good, like they are things we should do. A good way to live. Taking the high road and letting other people be as important as we are.

They remind us of Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:12:

“Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.”

If we want people to work with us, we must choose to work with them. We can’t argue and demand our way.

If we want people to accept our viewpoint and let us live our lives, we must choose to accept their viewpoint, also. We can’t bully them into being like us.

If we want … oh, this one’s harder. If we want to get along with people even when we disagree, that takes God.

We need a peace flag.

James 3:16 warns us:

“For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.”

It’s vital to understand the meaning of this verse. People are driven by jealousy and selfish ambition. That’s easy. What’s hard is turning loose of what we want and putting other people’s needs and desires first.

Start with the easy things. Here are a few:

  • Let someone cut in line and smile when they do.
  • Greet the visitor in the strange clothes. Make them welcome.
  • Let someone else decide where to eat for lunch. Then make a point to enjoy yourself.

That’s enough to start. Jesus will wave his peace flag over you, and you will become more like him with every kind choice you make.

Conflict cannot survive in the committed life of the Christian.

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