3 Special Times God Hears Your Prayers

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It may seem that heaven has closed its door to you, but there’s something you need to know.

Your prayers are important to God.

You are not alone in your troubles. You have a faithful companion who stands at your side through every situation.

You can trust him to be there for you and to meet your request.

There are 3 special times God hears your prayers.

Psalm 34:17-18 gives us the heart of God.

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

Let’s take these one at a time.

1. You must be righteous. If you walk after God and do what’s right in his eyes, God makes a point to hear every word of every prayer you pray.

2. A broken heart connects you to the throne of God. When your heart is broken, God’s heart is broken along with you. The Father is moved by your prayers.

3. God is tender towards a crushed spirit. When we are battered by circumstances and the trials of life, God reaches his hand out to us to meet our need.

There are many other prayers God hears, certainly. There are times God steps into our circumstances and takes care of our problems before we even know he’s there.

It’s when our prayers seem hollow and ineffective that we can know that God is listening. When our footsteps follow in those of Jesus, yet life leaves us broken-hearted and crushed, God is nearer than ever, and our prayers become a sweet savor before him.

Heaven’s door is never closed to those who trust in Jesus.

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