Spending the Bank

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Some Christian teachers want us to live meager lives and send the bigger portion of our incomes to fund the work of the Lord.

Okay, they have a point. Missionaries need our money. They are about the Lord’s work. Starving children must be fed before they can be drawn into God’s kingdom, and that’s truth. No one can focus on the spiritual when their body is wasting for want of food. And our churches, who would attend if there was no heat and the roof leaked?

Yet we can’t overlook Ecclesiastes 3:13, where God’s Word tells us we should keep some back for us, too.

“Also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God's gift to man.”

It’s good to have a financial plan, to set aside a portion for retirement, to give to a religious charity, even fund the church we attend. Yet, we mustn’t forget us. Having a good time with what God has given us is what God’s gift of life is all about.

How’s that old saying? All work and no play …

If you have a job, some of your paycheck needs to funnel back to you.

If you love to garden, a portion of your flowers and vegetables should make it back to your table.

Sure, share with those who have less than you, but enjoy a sizable fraction of your surplus. That’s from God, and it’s found right there in his Holy Word.

God wants you to be generous, but not to your ruin. He will provide you enough to share, and that’s what he wants you to spread around.

Our open hands make life better for everyone we meet.

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