Taking the Night Train

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Riding trains is an old-school thing.

Before Interstates and easy air travel, trains were the de facto long-distance travel choice.

They provided several perks that were vital to a comfortable travel experience.

1. You could reach your destination in a reasonable length of time.

2. You could visit the dining car when you were hungry.

3. You could sleep anytime you felt like it.

Here’s what we’ve forgotten: In days of yore, it took months to travel from America’s eastern shores to stand on her western borders. Traveling twenty miles could be all day.

Even seventy years ago, trips we now make in hours could run to two or three days, with overnight stops, frantic searches for cafes, and who knew where you might find personal facilities. Sometimes a tree was the best you could hope for.

The iron horse took all those concerns away. Even then, there were good choices and better choices.

For a long journey, you wanted a reservation on the Night Train, the one that let you reserve a sleeping berth, and you could snooze the journey away.

You’d awake in the morning already at your destination. Close your eyes here and open them there. What could be better?

Psalm 116:15 in the much-loved King James tells us:

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

It’s a ride on the Night Train, closing our eyes on this side, and opening them across the great divide. No worries. No waiting. No inconvenience.

We arrive at heaven’s gate, and we are ushered inside.

The end of life’s journey is God’s opportunity to welcome us into our heavenly home.

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