Your Prison Is No More!

What’s got you locked up?

Why are you behind bars, stuck inside, afraid to look out your windows?

Are you financially oppressed, jumpy when the phone rings and avoiding the postman? Are your creditors howling at your door?

Do your in-laws distrust you, misunderstand you, even mistreat you when you are doing everything you can to please them?

Is the very thought of facing other people too much to bear? Even to open the curtains is more exposure than you can take?

Jesus says enough! You are not redeemed to be a prisoner of your life, your circumstances, of the people around you. You are already delivered!

Psalm 34:4 says:

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.”

This is a short verse but it is filled with three huge takeaways.

Takeaway No. 1:

I sought the Lord. That’s on us. Our problems are not ours to carry. That’s God’s job, but it’s up to us to give them to him.

Takeaway No. 2:

He answered me. We can trust in our God. He will hear us, and he will answer. We must listen with our heart to find his answer.

Takeaway No. 3:

He delivered me from all my fears. Banished! Gone! Poof! Every bad thing is in God’s hands, and we can walk in his grace and power.

Does this verse say the problems will disappear with the fear? No. You still need a job, to pay your bills, and to work out things with your in-laws, but the paralyzing fear of facing your troubles, Kablooie! Gone in the presence of God’s inner peace.

Give it up to God. He is the prison breaker. You are delivered today.

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