Our RED God

When the setting sun washes its beauty against the vibrant fall foliage, we see the awesome beauty of God’s magnificence. It is the flash of orange, gold, and yellow that catches our eye. Yet the most awe-inspiring of fall colors is the RED that comes just before the sun drops below the horizon, painting its jaw-dropping pigment across the horizon.

As beautiful as they are, the colors are determined by the wavelengths of the light that reaches our eyes. Red has some of the shortest of all wavelengths. To say it another way, RED is the color that is closest to us.

That is our RED God in a nutshell, beautiful in his nearness, and vibrant in his intensity.

Let’s take a moment and look at our RED God:

R – He RULES over the heaven and the earth.

Psalm 97:1 tells us that the Lord RULES over the vast measure of creation. When he turns the sky into a brilliant sunset or slashes the colors of fall across the landscape, we should lift our voices unto him.

E – His EXCELLENCE is unmatched in all the earth.

Job 37:23 speaks of the EXCELLENCE of the Almighty God. When we see his handwriting on the evening sky or in the living world around us, we should worship his everlasting presence.

D – He faithfully DWELLS in his creation.

1 John 4:12 reveals the essence of God’s desire. When we love one another, we can know he DWELLS in us, and he will perfect his love in us.

God is the RED in the heavens, for just as RED has the shortest wavelength of any of the primary colors, so God comes to us in his majesty, making the distance between us and him no more than a simple prayer away. He even gave us the words to speak unto him:

“Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...”

God gives us his magnificent creation so that we will be reminded he is at our side every moment of every day.

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Originally Published: 10-12-13 in Worship

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