What Are Our Credentials?

Identity theft has become the bane of the digital world. We are forced to shred documents, encrypt files, and put layers of passwords on our financial accounts.

We must verify our identity wherever we go, whether with picture ID, passwords, or fingerprints. These things are the credentials that prove who we are.

How about the leaders over us? Are we required to check their credentials? Or is that someone else’s responsibility?

Revelations 6:2 paints a beautiful picture of a world savior that shall come in the end time.

First, he will arrive on the white horse of peace, promising that he will put an end to all wars.

Second, he will carry a bow without arrows to suggest that his peace is real, even though his bow is in reality a weapon of war.

Third, the world will place a great crown on his head, representing the many nations he has conquered under the guise of peace.

Yet, where are the credentials that should lead us to trust this man? Where are his self-sacrifice, the blood he has shed, and the empty tomb that tells of his divine nature? They are not there, for he is the Antichrist, the evil one who will first come in peace and later turn on those who follow him with great swaths of bloodshed. He has tried to present himself as Christ returned, but it is a stolen identity.

Our credentials must be those of the true Christ, for only then can the world know that we come in his name. When people see the face of Jesus in us, when they hear us speak his words, and when we leave the fingerprints of Christ on the lives of those around us, our credentials will prove who we are.

We are the true followers of Christ.

True Christians are known by the way they treat those who are beaten down and trapped in the sinful quagmire of the world. We must treat them with love.

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