Reclaiming What’s Ours

Pigs multiply veraciously. Turned loose into the wild, they root out food, tear up the landscape, and revert to an untamed state that is more beast than farm animal.

They can run in packs that become deadly to local fauna and even injure humans who get too close.

In the woods and fields of North Texas, the problem has gotten so bad that there are teams of people who do nothing except rid people’s farms of the feral interlopers. The pigs are an infestation, and they must be exterminated.

We have to reclaim that which is ours, so that we can once again put our woods and fields to the use for which they are designated. We must clear out the trespassers, and cast them aside, so that our lands are pristine once more.

Psalm 80:13-14 speaks to those who have invaded the land of Israel:

“The boar out of the wood does waste it, and the wild beast of the field does devour it. Return, we beseech you, Oh God of Hosts: look down from heaven, and behold, and visit this vine.”

The boar can be seen as the Roman overlords who choked Israel in subjugation. The triumphant coming of Jesus was the renewal the psalmist cried for.

We need the same. The world overtakes our peace and serenity, and we become afraid to step outside our doors. We are choked as Christians. We need to call up the exterminators, so that we can reclaim the promises of God in our lives. When we invite Jesus to take control of our situation, he clears out the swine, and the vine of renewal soon blossoms; and his grapes of blessings spring forth for us to enjoy.

We don’t have to hope for the blessings of Christ. We just need to kick out the devil, so that we can once again live in the bounty of Christ’s promises.

Jesus searches out the devil so he can toss him away, leaving us pure and unencumbered before him.

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When we give Jesus control, we will find the peace that we seek.

From  The Smooth Water,  Posted 28 May 2014