Battling the Wind

In December 2013, Southwest Airlines Flight 504 left Raleigh-Durham for Houston in a 145 mph headwind. The airline knew the winds were there, and even before boarding the airplane, the passengers were given contingency plans for their late arrival at Hobby Airport in Houston. Alternate connecting flights were suggested, certain passengers were asked to exit first, and bags were to be ready to go as soon as the plane touched down.

The airplane could not make it on time to its intended destination. The opposition was simply too great to overcome. The passengers would have to compromise their original plans to get to their destinations.

Yet, once in the air, the pilot came over the intercom and reassured the passengers that he had a few tricks up his sleeve, and if they trusted in him, he would see that they got to their destination on time.

As Christians, we face that same 145 mph headwind all the time. It is called unbelief. From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, the church was battered by hurricane force winds. Read in Matthew 28:13-15. After Jesus’ triumphant resurrection and glorious ascension to heaven, proving his deity before all mankind, the Jewish leaders of the day stirred the winds of unbelief with everything they could muster. They gave enormous quantities of money to the four soldiers who had seen the angels at the tomb, and they encouraged them to spread false rumors telling of the disciples stealing away the body of the Christ.

Their actions created a windstorm that still batters the church. It is called unbelief. It keeps more people from reaching their destination than any other obstacle.

How did the pilot of Flight 504 intend to successfully reach Houston on time?

Trick #1 – The passengers and all their luggage were boarded early. Nothing was left to the last minute. Even the aircraft was battened down long before the moment of takeoff.

Trick #2 – The pilot was focused on his destination. From his position on the runway to the direction he aimed the airplane, he eliminated every extra thing that might distract him from his goal.

Trick #3 – He kept the pedal to the metal. When the wind buffeted the craft, he kept the throttle full, and he refused to back off his speed.

Flight 504 arrived in Houston exactly on time. All the contingency plans were thrown out the window, because they weren’t needed any longer. Our Christian walk is the same. When we prepare early, stay focused, and never back off our intended goal, we will arrive at our destination. We will know heaven as our eternal home.

All the world’s opposition to the Christ will evaporate into nothing, if we only stay focused on him.

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