2 Steps to a Better Christian Life

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We are told to emulate the Master.

The life he lived on this earth was one of purity, understanding, and love for humanity.

How do we know? Every significant aspect of Jesus’ life was recorded for posterity.

We call it the New Testament.

James 1:22 gives us 2 Steps to Living a Better Christian Life.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

Our first step is to listen to the teaching of God’s Word.

Actively do these three things:

1. Find a knowledgeable pastor or lay leader.

2. Get involved in a series of lessons on the Bible and take notes.

3. Review the lessons until you become intimate with what’s been written on the life of Jesus.

Our second step is to go out and do what we’ve learned.

Ask these three questions:

1. How did Jesus react in certain situations?

2. How did he treat people?

3. What was his attitude to those who came to him in their need?

That’s our job, to emulate the path Jesus walked, the life he lived, and the way he treated those around him.

When we learn to do that, we will also lead lives of purity, understanding, and love for humanity.

Living the love of Christ is the example we are shown in the Word.

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