Skipping a Grade

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It’s always nice to bypass the long line.

Think grocery store, and it’s the busy time of day. Everyone’s just off work, and they all stop by on the way home.

The checkout lines are atrocious. We wait and wait, watching the frozen goods in our basket, all the while wondering if we’ll make it home before the ice cream puddles and runs over our pie.

Then we see a fresh cashier setting up at an empty checkout stand. When they catch our eye and motion us over, we’re overjoyed.

We get to skip the line!

School children occasionally get to enjoy the same feeling. They’re given a pass on a grade level. Because of their excellence, they’re allowed to bypass a year and go directly to a higher grade.

They will graduate early, get a jumpstart on life, and gain an edge that others won’t have.

Yet most educators advise against skipping children ahead. Academically they may excel, but their social development will be shortchanged, and that can’t be made up.

We can’t fix the lack of experience, if we haven’t been allowed to walk through it.

Proverbs 19:20 puts it in an understandable way:

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.”

Our education isn’t always about today. It’s about next year, five years from now, or even a decade away. Every part of everything we learn builds together to make us who we need to be.

If we try to skip the uncomfortable parts, we’ll miss out on learning experiences we can get no other way.

When we wonder why God hasn’t taken us out of uncomfortable circumstances, maybe instead we should look for the lesson we’re supposed to learn. Once we accept where God’s put us, he can open a new path for us and say, “This way, please. You get to be first in line.”

Every step we take is important in making us who God wants us to be.

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