Our Final Test

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Sometimes life is simply easier.

Youth gives us the ability to run and play.

Our first love fills us up in a way we think will never end.

We’re at our most beautiful in our 20s.

Respect comes with our first fine lines.

We master our skills and reach the top of our game in our 40s.

Our grandchildren see us as their favorite people of all.

Yet, each of these stages offers special challenges. We lack authority as kids; love can evaporate; youth fades; people become disillusioned; old age brings brittle bones and sore joints.

We must look for ways to up our game.

Judges 16:25 reveals Sampson’s return from despair.

“And when their hearts were merry, [the lords of the Philistines] said, ‘Call Samson, that he may entertain us.’ So they called Samson out of the prison, and he entertained them. They made him stand between the pillars.”

Sampson’s captors thought he had reached rock bottom, and by their standards, he had. Yet, he became God’s man of the hour, and in his final test, Sampson stood for God, he brought the pillars of the temple down, and the Philistines were defeated.

When life is no longer easy, God becomes our champion. We turn to him, and we rely on his power and grace to carry us through.

We’re never failures when God is on our side.

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The only winning combination is to be teamed with Christ, mind, body, and soul.

From Our Standard Lifted High,  Posted 21 October 2015