Why Read the Scriptures?

Christianity is simple. Jesus taught that all we need to do is believe, repent, and accept him as the ruler of our lives. Why, then, do we have the massive tome we call the Bible? Is it all for the sake of history, or is there something more personal inside?

In 2 Timothy 3:14-17, as Paul encourages Timothy from his final prison experience, he lays out a step-by-step expose giving the importance of why we should continue to read the Scriptures every day.

Verse 14: We must continue to follow the teachings presented in the Scriptures, even as our leaders open our eyes to fresh revelations.

There was no New Testament in Paul and Timothy’s day. They were the New Testament, for they were living it out from moment to moment, from epistle to epistle, and from martyrdom to martyrdom. The Scriptures Paul speaks of are the Old Testament books. The new revelations are those of the New Covenant which was given to Paul.

Verse 15: We teach our children the Scriptures so that they might find salvation in Jesus by the faith they learn in the Word.

The education children learn forms the precepts that direct their lives. The entirety of the Old Testament leads us to the coming of Jesus. The New Testament validates everything presented in the Old. When children study the Scriptures, they learn that they will find the cross of Jesus at the center of everything.

Verse 16: All Scripture is God-given, and we are to use it to train up the Christian soldier.

Paul gives us four ways we can put the Scriptures to good use.

1. We must build our doctrine on the Scriptures, including all we believe, teach, and do.

2. When errors are found in others’ teachings, our criticisms must be based in the Scriptures.

3. When a Saint stumbles, the path for restoration must come from the Scriptures.

4. The Scriptures present the only plan for living a righteous life.

Verse 17: The Scriptures will enable us to become perfect in the sight of God.

The Word of God gives us the examples of those who lived Godly lives. It also outlines what is expected of us if we are to become like Christ. When we study the Word, we will become properly equipped to present the good works of Christ to the world around us.

When we immerse ourselves in the Word of God, he will become real to us, and we will become like him.

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