Have We Read the Directions?

Nike has a catchphrase that says, “Just do it!” A television comedian tells us to, “Get ’er done!” We are encouraged to just get out there and do something.

However, what does God want us to do? In 2 Timothy 2:14-26, Paul gives us the full set of directions for living a successful Christian life.

Step 1: Do not abandon the cross.

If we do so, others will fall along with us.

Step 2: Study the Word of God.

We must know what the Word says, for only then can we be assured that our teachers are leading us toward Christ.

Step 3: Run from those who teach anything other than the Word.

False teachings only get more and more distorted. We risk our souls if we are immersed in teachings that have only the appearance of godliness.

Step 4: Trust in the resurrection of the faithful in the end days.

Jesus is the only truth. If we do not understand his message of eternal life, we understand nothing.

Step 5: Don’t do things we know are wrong.

We are sealed with the seal of Christ. Purity goes hand in hand with the Church, and the two cannot be split apart.

Step 6: Keep busy with pure activities, so there is no room for youthful desires to take root in our minds.

Attend a baseball game; join a Bible study; have a car wash. There is truth in that old saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Step 7: Avoid denominational arguments about silly things.

The only thing that matters is Christ crucified. If we argue about anything else, we are dividing the Body of Christ.

Step 8: Keep our opinions to ourselves.

Endless discussions that serve no purpose only create frustration and dissention in the Body. Be patient and gentle; keep opinions quiet; and trust in the written Word of God.

Step 9: Be patient with those who oppose the works of God.

We must continue to offer them God’s redemptive plan, but we must be careful not to alienate them. Some will realize their error and come to the truth.

Step 10: Trust in the cross for our eternal salvation.

Only in the cross can we find escape from the snares of the devil. If we trust in our minds, our finances, or our good deeds, we will soon find ourselves in bondage to sin.

When we take the time to read the directions, we will get our Christian walk right the first time.

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