A Few Degrees of Grace

Water is one of the most interesting substances we know. With just a few degrees of change, it can turn from water into steam, smoothing the wrinkles from our clothing or cooking our favorite foods.

Just the same, water can turn from cold rain into snow with just a few degrees drop in temperature. The world changes from dreary and depressing to magical, and with only a few degrees of change.

Our spiritual world is the same. When we see only the cold rain and the mud, God sees the opportunity for beauty. He changes the rain to snow, and the world becomes a different place.

In Matthew 16:13-18, Jesus asked the disciples, “Who do people say the Son of man is?”

However, that question didnt step past the mud and rain. It was a good question, but it didn't bring the beauty of winter's snow. The rain was still in that question, and if it was the only one answered, the beauty that Jesus needed to bring out in his disciples would never appear. Jesus needed the disciples to see the snow, to understand the beauty of all that he was to become. So, he brought his question closer to home.

“Who do you say I am?”

That was when the cold, cold rain became the snow. For Simon Peter, everything changed. What had been one thing suddenly became another. Heaven touched earth, and beauty swept across the landscape.

With an understanding that was beyond his own, Simon was quick to say, “You are the Christ.”

Jesus’ reply? “Blessed are you, Simon, because this was revealed to you by the Father in heaven.”

Jesus knew what had gone on, that heaven had touched earth. Snow now covered Peter’s landscape. Jesus knew the Father could reach down and reveal himself to Peter, changing his world from mud and rain to glistening snow.

What will that touch of grace look like to us? We will see change, and we will know it when it happens. The wet ground will become a white blanket. Death will become life. The things we do and say will become different.

Jesus cannot be ignored. He will change us, making our world more beautiful than we could have imagined. However, Matthew 21:42 says that if we toss Christ aside, the kingdom of heaven will be taken from us. He is the stone the builders rejected, and he has been made the cornerstone. If we fall on him, we will be broken. If he falls on us, we will be crushed.

When we choose the first choice and fall on him, we will go everywhere. That’s what God wants. He wants us to shatter into a million glittering shards, and in the doing, we will become the snow that carries his love across the world.

The difference between a world in despair and one in triumph is no more than a few degrees of God’s grace.

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Throwback Thursday: Originally Published March 01, 2013 in Discipleship

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