The Withered Hand of God

All authority on this world comes from God.

If we have been blessed with children, we must treat them with respect. If we are elected to a public office, the law must be courted with the utmost of care. If we are successful in business, our employees’ welfare is our responsibility.

In fact, when we accept God’s authority over other people, we have become the de facto hand of God, and he blesses those under us through our treatment of them.

So, what happens when we are careless in our duty? We abuse our children. We pilfer money from public funds. We see our employees as tools to be used up and discarded at a moment’s notice. Where is the hand of God in our lives at that point?

Micah 3:1-4 tells us of Israel’s careless leaders. They know what is good, and they do not do it. They oppress the poor, charge outlandish interest rates, and love being bribed to do their job.

To seal their fate, they use the people over whom they have been given authority as mere meat to be chopped, skewered, and thrown into a caldron. These rulers, having been given the authority to act as the hand of God, have spurned God’s righteousness and turned to their own devices.

The Word tells us these wrongful leaders will be cut loose and left to die. The Lord will not hear their cries. He will even go so far as to hide his face from them in shame at their wrongdoing.

They will have become the withered hand of God, once a mighty force for good in the name of the Father, but now no more than a withered appendage that has no effect for the kingdom.

It is only when we are attached to the Father that we can feed on his life-giving power.

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Originally Published: 11-1-13

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