Party Line Prayers

Party line has two meanings.

The first is a political one. A political party has a stated agenda, a “party line,” or the canon beliefs they expect their adherents to follow.

The second is an old-fashioned one. Early phone systems couldn’t provide individual lines to every home on the block, so families signed up for a “party line,” or one phone line with multiple access nodes. When one phone rang, every phone rang, just with a different ring pattern. Anyone had access to every conversation.

God is our party line prayer partner. Every time we kneel in prayer, God is on the line, he knows it is us, and he picks up.

Psalm 34:15 says:

“The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry.”

What can we take away from this? God hears your prayers.

There is one small condition. In those early party lines, if you forgot to pay your bill, your phone would no longer ring. You no longer had access to the party line. No matter how forcefully you spoke into your phone, no one was on the other end to hear your voice.

God expects us to be righteous, to maintain a right relationship with him. When we are, our bill is paid up, and our prayer line will ring every time.

God is attuned to us. He is listening for our call. He is eager to hear what we have to say.

Let’s be as eager to listen to his reply.

When we are on God’s party line, he hears our prayers every time.

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