Needing an Answer from God

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“Hey, God,” we sometimes cry. “Did you forget about us?”

Our world begins to crumble around us, and we look up, thinking, We’re still here, you know. What happened to answering our prayers?

That’s a valid question. The Bible is filled with promises from God to mankind. Yet, sometimes it seems as though the telegraph lines have been cut, the fiber optics don’t fiber optic any longer, and every cell tower has crashed to the ground.

No matter how many times we click connect on our God-modem, the lines wheeze and gasp, and they give up the ghost in a screech of disconnection cacophony.

Isaiah assures us our laser signal to God is still fully operational. When we flash our S.O.S. through the night skies, we don’t have to worry if God gets our message.

Our cries reach him even through the stormiest skies.

Let’s read in Isaiah 58:9a:

“Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am.’ ”

We call on the red hotline, and God picks up. Our signal lamp illuminates the sky, and God pays attention. Morse code gets through, as well as a whisper in the darkness. Our prayer time on our knees . . . cries of frustration . . . tears of desperation . . . God sees them all.

We are God’s creation, and our Lord treasures us. We are the apple of his eye.

We are never abandoned or forgotten. God is our rescuer, our champion, our deliverer.

When we listen for God, he will whisper his love in our ear.

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