Checkbook Checkup

How many people still use a checkbook?

Quite a few of us, actually. We may not carry it with us all the time, but there are instances where only a check will do.

Mostly, though, we rely on digital accounting for disbursements. Instead of a checkbook register, we can view our statements online, perhaps print them out, and keep track of where our money has gone.

Your challenge today is to review your "checkbook." Look over your online statements. Tally up the categories into which your expenses fall.

Then consider them in the light of Matthew 6:21.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Ouch. Thousands for pool maintenance, yet only a fraction of that for the church yard upkeep. Our food budget allows for steak and eating out, yet we skimp on funding the church food pantry.

For where your treasure is …

Life is expensive. We all know that. Inflation, that dreaded word, it kills our financial gains every year. However, for where your treasure is …

This verse doesn’t suggest living like a pauper so that we can fund extravagant church programs. However, when we fund an extravagant lifestyle while the church lives like a pauper … well, we can read the rest of that verse as well as anyone.

There will your heart be also.

Let’s be in this for Jesus.

He is our Reason, the One who died for our salvation, and only in him can we find true purpose in life. Let’s make sure he takes first place in everything we do.

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