Looking Outside of Ourselves

What’s important to you?

What makes up the core of your dreams, your prayers, your time?

Your home? Your family? Traveling? Church? Missions?

When you pray, what do you request of God?

And the bigger question, do you sometimes feel God refuses to answer?

James 4:3 demands that we reassess our priorities when we go to our knees.

“You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”

The King James says, “That you may consume it on your lusts.”

Berean Study Bible: “That you may squander it on your pleasures.”

Contemporary English Version: “Because you pray just for selfish reasons.”

Are you seeing it? Lusts … pleasures … selfish reasons.

Asking for a better job to pay for your daughter’s education, not selfish.

House payment? Thumbs up. Replacing that worn-out car? A-Okay. Even that vacation … we all need time to refresh and rebuild.

Here’s a rule of thumb for knowing if your prayer is selfish. Does the answer to your prayer benefit just you … or will it also benefit those around you? Your spouse, your children, your church … you’re getting it.

We must focus on what’s good and true. God doesn’t expect us to live a monastic lifestyle in a home with fire hazard wiring so that every dollar we bring in funnels back into the church. He does expect us to share our blessings with those he places in our path.

When we have an open heart, God will open the windows of heaven unto us.

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Excerpt of the Day

When we truly love God, the things we treasure will reflect our intimacy with him.

From Love Is in the Details, Posted 20 September 2013