Sweet Dreams in the Storm

Lightning can strike hotter than the surface of the sun.

A tornado can peel the tarmac from a highway.

When a hurricane finally dissipates, entire towns are erased as if they never were.

Rainstorms can create deluges that carry away everything in their path.

How can we not be frightened? We can only hold our breath and wonder if we’re next …

Hold on, there! God says otherwise! Read in Isaiah 26:3:

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”

See, here’s the real deal. God controls the lightning storm.

Yes, the direction of the tornado. The wind of the hurricane is held within his fist, and the rain in the rainstorm falls where he directs.

There is no weather without the mighty hand of God.

Our verse tells us we can have perfect peace. How? By keeping our mind steadfast in God.

The key to steadfast is understanding its meaning. Persistent, committed, faithful.

In other words, no matter what happens, we are persistent in reading God’s Word. We remain committed to prayer. We are faithful in fellowship with fellow believers.

God wants us to dwell in his perfect peace. He offers us his warm protection. He desires us to find our trust in him.

We are his, and he is ours. Our lives may never run as smoothly as we wish, but with God at our center, his perfect peace can be like sweet dreams in the storm.

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Excerpt of the Day

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