Exulting in God’s Blessing

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Look up promise verses from the Bible.

They are there. Lots of them. Bible Gateway offers us 5,467 promises available in God’s Word.

With that, we should be living our dream life, with family and friends in joyous harmony, a big house, and a vacation property at the beach.

Hey, tack on a pool, an exotic car, and regular escapes to far-flung destinations. Its all part of the promises of God . . . right?

Romans 14:17 says:

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Eating and drinking. Hmm. That equates to family and friends. That big house . . . our vacation property . . . exotic car . . . and those escapes to far-flung destinations. Paul, the writer of this book, doesn’t say those things are wrong, just that they are not God’s priority.

Instead, we should search for the righteousness of Christ, the peace found only in salvation, and the joy that comes from knowing we will one day join with Jesus at the right hand of the Father.

So, sure, step into the blessing of God with excitement and expectation. Just understand what God considers important before we take him to task for what he has and hasn’t done for us.

God desires us to live a life that emulates the example Jesus revealed as he walked the earth. Kind. Generous. Willing to give up his comfort and security so that others could be consoled in their suffering.

Here’s the thing: Christianity isn’t just about us. It’s about all of us, everyone who walks this life at our side.

God offers us his peace and joy when we find our righteousness in him.

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