2 Secrets to Bring Us Success

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We all want to excel at something.

Maybe it’s to be the best parent out there. We want to make our kiddos the lucky ones on the block.

Or perhaps we have a sport we love. Snowboarding, baseball, or even horseback riding. We want recognition for the time we put in.

Many people look to finances to prove their success. It takes a big house, a shiny car, and a fat bank account to make their mark.

Yet, there are those that don’t care about sports; their possessions fade into the background; and family is something to work around. They pursue knowledge; and to get their next degree, or to publish in a professional journal satisfies their needs.

Proverbs 8:10 helps us shift our focus onto the truths in God’s Word.

“Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold.”

Note what this verse doesn’t say. We must not interpret this to mean silver and gold are bad. Having a fat bank account isn’t a barrier between us and living for God.

This verse tells us we can’t prefer silver to instruction, or choice gold to knowledge, if we want true success in life. Things become hollow. Their satisfaction is temporary.

The instruction and knowledge spoken of in Proverbs are found in the Bible. We are to take time from our worldly pursuits of success to learn the nature of God and to pattern our lifestyle choices after him.

That’s true success, to find our path in life based on the examples of the saints in the Word. They lived the truth. They knew the Master. They are our road signs in decisions we make every day.

Let’s sum up our 2 Secrets to Bring Us Success:

1. Set aside time from work to read and study the Bible.

2. Follow the examples laid out for us by the saints who walked in the presence of the holy God.

We’ll become the best parent, hit a home run, and have all the things we desire. It’s knowledge of the Lord that will make the difference in our success.

Focus on Jesus. He’s the way home.

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