Being on the Winning Side

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Competition is the name of the game.

Chess tournaments. It’s serious stuff. People vie for the championship amid intense scrutiny.

College football. How many teams have recruited the best, because their team had to be the best? It’s in their blood.

The Olympics take competition to a world-wide level. Countries compete against countries, and to take the Gold is to prove your mettle.

Children get into competition early. How many games of Chutes and Ladders have left a little one in tears when they didn’t reach the end first?

Business competition is on a whole different level. Corporate espionage, raiding, and hostile takeovers. The winner takes the money to the bank.

War. What can we say about war? No one wins even when the winner claims victory.

Spiritually, we get an advantage. That’s right, we’re in a spiritual competition all the time. Our team against the evil one. The thing is, this competition is no real contest. The devil can’t win. We have an edge he can’t overcome.

Psalm 118:6 gives us our winning face.

“The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

We are suited up in the Word of God. Jesus is our teammate, and God is calling the plays.

Intense scrutiny? We brush it off.

Team recruitment? Top tier teammates.

Olympic Gold? We’ve got this in the bag.

We don’t stress about our upcoming battles, because with the Lord at our side, we take the money to the bank every time.

The victory is ours. Are we in a war? Hardly. This is an annihilation, and the devil’s on the losing side.

Our game plan is Jesus. He’s our winning choice.

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