Jesus Lights Up Our Darkness

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What’s with the scary stories?

Who’s sharing tales of woe and woebegone?

We’re scaring ourselves, and that’s not God’s plan for our lives.

Quit telling about your broken marriage.

There’s no need to expound on the year everything went wrong.

We’re stepping backwards when we do. We’re reliving the worst that happened to us, and we bring ourselves down.

We stir up the old fears we once knew before Jesus changed us into something new.

Let’s cheer the good things happening to us. The bill that got paid. The cancer in remission. The friendship renewed after a dozen years.

Let’s learn to look forward, not backward. Let’s step into the morning, not fall back into night.

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us we have a God of hope and brightness. He wants to lift us into the light.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Our fear is gone. God has replaced it with something better.

Bah! We kick out our memories of childhood hunger.

Ouch! There go our failed relationships.

Shazam! Every bad thing from our past is turned to dust.

The future is ours, and it is bright with three gifts from God.

1. Power

God gives us the strength to overcome every bad thing.

2. Love

Our connection with our fellow travelers is strong and enduring.

3. Self-control

We are focused on Christ and guided by him every step of the way.

We are to be proactive for Jesus, positive in our everyday thinking, and all about Christ every moment of the day.

It is our smile that tells the world Jesus lights up our darkness.

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