The Kitten’s Cry

There is not much that looks cuter than a helpless newborn kitten. It hobbles around, shaky on its weak legs, meowing plaintively, and we want to pick it up and cuddle it in our arms.

Yet, we must not hold the kitten as we would a newborn baby. If we turn it on its back and stroke it on its stomach, we will not alleviate its distress. If we feed it in that position, we take a chance of getting milk into its lungs, and then it will die.

We are like that kitten. We hobble around, and all we want is for God to deliver us out of our troubles. We want to be held in the arms of Christ, have our tummies rubbed, and suck on a warm bottle of milk.

Yet, if we are held in the way we want and fed what we want, the very thing we desire may be the thing that chokes us, and we will die spiritually.

We must trust in God, for he is the one who created us, and he knows how to provide for us when we cry out to him.

Psalm 34:17-20 assures us that if we cry to the Lord, he will deliver us. Our despair draws him to us, and in his love, he will keep his hand of protection on us.

Yet, this same passage tells us that the afflictions of the righteous are many. At times, we will feel the same way that little kitten sounds. We will stumble around, and we will be unable to find the help we need.

We are blinded by our condition in the same way that newborn kitten is blinded at birth.

2 Corinthians 12:9 gives us the Lord’s promise. His grace is sufficient, for his power is made perfect in weakness. In fact, this passage tells us we should boast in our weakness, for that is the very thing that draws the power of Christ to us.

It is not our weakness that should be the focus of our existence. Rather, our weakness gives us the opportunity to let the power of God triumph.

Romans 8:18 reveals the essence of overcoming our adversities. Paul tells us that he considers his painful human circumstances not worth comparing to the spiritual glory that he knows someday will be his.

Then 2 Corinthians 4:16 encourages us to not lose heart. We may feel the distress of being human gnaw at us like hunger pangs in the morning, and we may meow our distress before God, but the Lord’s spiritual renewing is already on its way. We will be satisfied by his outstretched hand. Then, when we again grow hungry, God will be there for us once more, and he will continue to renew us day by day.

When we call unto the Lord, he knows just how to supply our every need.

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Originally Published: 9-16-14

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