3 Occasions Sickness Was Defeated

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We are human.

We live in bodies of flesh and bone.

We are born, gifted with a span of time, and come to our end.

That’s the way of being human. That’s who we are, and there’s no way to take our journey another direction.

No one gets forever on the face of the earth. It’s not in the cards, nor would we want it to be. We must clear the way for the next generation to come to the forefront, just as our parents and grandparents before us.

Yet, the rough patches, the days of sickness, are unwelcome. They are sandpaper on exposed bone. No one looks forward to illness in any shape or form.

God’s Word gives us 3 Occasions Sickness Was Defeated by the power of the almighty God. Let’s look at these one at a time.

The 1st Occasion Sickness Was Defeated:

Matthew 4:23-24 says Jesus healed all manner of diseases, including palsy and those of the mind.

“… So his fame spread … and [Jesus] healed them.”

The 2nd Occasion Sickness Was Defeated:

Matthew 9:6-7 says the man confined to his bed was told to get up and walk, and he did, healed by the power of Jesus.

“… Rise, pick up your bed and go home ...”

The 3rd Occasion Sickness Was Defeated:

Matthew 9:28-30 says the blind received their sight because they believed on the power of the Master to heal them.

“… [Jesus] touched their eyes, saying, ‘According to your faith be it done to you.’ And their eyes were opened.”

We won’t live forever, but God is with us on our journey. He comforts us and offers healing to those who ask in faith and trust in his name.

Be like the man who couldn’t walk or like those who couldn’t see. Ask of Jesus and place your faith in him as your healer and your redeemer.

Jesus is our solace, and our journey is eased when our faith is rooted in him.

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