3 Good Reasons to Be Angry at God

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David in the Bible was the song meister.

A Meistersinger, so to speak.

His poetry and compositions are unexcelled even today. They speak to us of glory, loss, and praise to the Father in heaven.

David knew how to reveal his innermost feelings and yet retain a right relationship with God.

Psalm 35:17-18 reveals David’s fervent cry to God for rescue as well as his recognition of God’s rightful place in his life.

Let’s look at this passage one heart-rending portion at a time.

David’s 1st reason to be angry at God is one we can identify with.

“How long, O Lord, will you look on?”

David felt alone in his challenges. His enemies were at his doorstep, and he could not feel the presence of God.

David’s 2nd reason to be angry reveals his rising hopelessness.

“Rescue me from their destruction.”

David’s enemies were given free reign to trample on all the Lord had promised David. Where was his heavenly rescuer when David was about to fall?

David’s 3rd reason to be angry was his fear for his very life.

“[Deliver] my precious life from the lions!”

Death by lion strike is especially gruesome. The massive animals tear out your throat first, then feed on your warm carcass. David felt the desperation of the dispossessed.

Yet even in his desperation, David, master poet and Meistersinger that he was, never forgot that God would come to his aid, and his rescue was at hand.

“I will thank you in the great congregation; in the mighty throng I will praise you.”

No matter how bad things get, we must follow David’s example. Lift the name of the Lord, for he is holy to be praised.

If we keep our eyes focused on God, he will shine his love on us.

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