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During the pandemic quarantine of 2020, it seemed at times the entire world was shutting down. France, Spain, the United States … even Russia got into it.

Nonessential businesses and schools were closed, and mandatory stay-at-home orders blanketed countries across the globe.

Even citizens of Australia and South Africa were asked to shelter at home … keep off the streets … help keep the helpless safe.

Washing hands became the mantra. Twenty seconds. Memes showed people with their hands under running water while singing the birthday song twice in a row.

Parents began homeschooling. They refused to let their children fall behind in their education. They also admitted how difficult it was, but they soldiered on, refusing to give up, no matter how frustrating it became.

The Bible says we should do the same with our children’s spiritual instruction.

Proverbs 22:6 says:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

How do we train up our children? Here are six ways:

1. Read them Bible stories at bedtime.

2. Pray with them … by their bed … on your knees.

3. Take them to Sunday school … and stay for the adult class.

4. Make time for church activities in your family’s schedule.

5. Let them see and hear you keep a private prayer time.

6. Check up on them spiritually … follow through … show an interest in their spiritual welfare.

We’re all teachers, whether we like it or not. We’re teaching our children to follow Christ … or to go the other way.

Homeschooling is the way to begin. Your job as a teacher starts tonight … with your childon your knees and in prayer.

Today is the day to build your children’s spiritual foundations in the Lord.

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