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Here’s a fun game we can play with children. We hold our hands with our fingers interlocked. Then we say . . .

This is the church . . .

This is the steeple . . .

Open the doors . . .

Inside you’ll find the people.

The steeple, of course, is our two pointer fingers, lifted toward heaven. We open the doors when we twist our hands around to expose our wriggling fingers.

So, what’s a fun child’s game got to do with our Christian walk? Aren’t these types of activities there simply to entertain kiddos during children’s church while the adults are learning the truth of the Word in the main service?


The truth is that those early lessons are the foundations upon which our faith is founded. When youngsters are enmeshed in these faith-building activities, they establish a spiritual foundation that can uphold them in the worst of life’s storms.

Let’s look at Psalm 71:5.

“For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.”

The emphasis isn’t there in the original, but that’s the way we should read this verse. We can’t afford to say, “Oh, they’re children. They’ll learn Christian values when they are older. Let them stay home this week.”

Here are five ways you can guarantee that God will become part of your children’s lives:

1. Be on time for Sunday school.

2. Sign them up for Vacation Bible School.

3. Read them Bible stories at bedtime.

4. Weave those Bible stories into your prayer time with them.

5. Provide them biblical coloring sheets, a picture Bible, and toys that allow them to reenact the events learned from God’s Word.

Your children’s future depends on what you teach them today. Get them involved in church. Then, when you open your hands and wriggle your fingers, one of the church members will already be with you.

Church is for everyone. Take your children along.

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