Life’s Big Deal

So, what’s the big deal you’re pursuing today?

That new house? That’s exciting, the largest purchase most people ever make.

Or is it a promotion? Even if you must invest your weekends, you know your future will be secure.

Others might think of a spouse, a vacation, or even having a baby. Wouldn’t that be exciting, and can anything be more important than that?

Let’s look at the big deal God wants us to pursue.

Matthew 6:33 says:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

That new house? God knows you need a place to rest your head. He just wants to be more important than four walls of brick and wallpaper.

Your promotion? How about moving up in God’s estimation?

And a spouse? God has someone selected for you. Be patient.

That vacation … are you taking God?

And a baby … trust God to make sure you’re ready.

Here’s what this verse really says. Put God above everything else. He’s a good God. He’s got your back when you’re on the battlefield for him.

Trust him. Once you are committed to him, you can rest assured that the rest of your life will fall into place in accordance with his Word.

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Excerpt of the Day

It's time to call in the reinforcements. It's time to call in Jesus.

From Our Infamous Stalker,  Posted 07 September 2014