Walking on Glass

Turn on your furnace in January … or your air conditioning in August.

Drive down the highway at 70 mph while eating a powdered doughnut.

Pour a glass of water and set it on your dining room table.

What do these have in common? Something we often can’t see yet trust implicitly.


In our home’s windows, in our cars, even at the dinner table protecting our furniture from stains and puddles.

Yet, the best glass is completely invisible. We expect to be on one side and be totally protected from what’s on the other side.

A thunderstorm can batter our house, and we feel secure watching from the safety of our living room.

Through glass.

We keep fish in a glass enclosure, even scrubbing the glass so that it is as clear as possible. If we can see it, it ruins the effect of being underwater.

When we can’t see the glass, that’s when we enjoy (shall we say “trust”) it most.

How then is the Christian’s “invisible” faith something for the world to make fun of?

Hebrews 1:1 sums it up nicely:

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Our faith is the glass of our Christian experience. It’s there, revealed in our conviction and our assurance each time we take a step in Jesus.

We are walking our faith, stepping out on glass, certain that we are protected from any storms that might batter us.

We trust our faith best when it is the most invisible. Dirty faith annoys us. When we polish it to perfection, it seems to disappear, and that’s when it surrounds us the most securely.

Let’s walk on glass. Let’s step out on our faith in Christ.

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