Taking Faith by the Horns

“I’ll try.”

We’ve heard those words and likely said them ourselves.

Sometimes they mean we don’t want to or seriously have too much on our plates already. “Give us some space!” as in “Quit asking so much of me!”

Other times we feel the task is beyond us. We are unqualified, unskilled, unable to do what we’re being asked. Maybe it’s something we’ve never tried before, and we see all the obstacles and none of the possibilities of success that other people might sense.

Mark 9 gives us a story about a boy with an unclean spirit, and a man has asked Jesus, “If you can do anything …”

Mark 9:23 speaks to us about how the Master viewed the situation:

“And Jesus said to him, ‘“If you can”! All things are possible for one who believes.’”

All things! Jesus is speaking of faith in this passage.

Merriam-Webster tells us that faith is:

something that is believed especially with strong conviction

Jesus is saying, “Be convinced in what you wish me to do. If you were convinced it was possible, you could also do this very thing.”

What are you struggling with? What have you gone on your knees with, crying out to the Father, “If it is possible …” and you’ve arisen without the confidence it would be done?

A replacement for your failing car? A job in an economic downturn? Money to purchase food? A child who is away from God?

Jesus says, “All things are possible for one who believes.”

Not some things. All things.

Step out on Jesus. He wants to meet your need today.

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