God’s Special Pleasure

What’s God’s measure of pleasure?

What does he look at and decide he’s all in?

Where does God place his priority for things he enjoys most, the things he’s willing to set other duties aside for?

Psalm 149:4 says:

“For the Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.”

First, we must determine who his people are.


That’s right. The sinner’s prayer. Believing on Jesus. Asking him to take control of our life. Changing our behaviors to emulate the example given to us by Jesus.

When those things align, THE LORD TAKES PLEASURE IN US.

Let’s move into God. Toss off the sin. Put on the faith. Equip ourselves with time in the Word and prayer. Lash ourselves tightly to our fellow Christians. Support our pastor.

Make sure we are someone whom the Lord desires to spend time with.

He rewards us with his salvation. It is his special gift unto us.

God loves us regardless. He finds special pleasure in us when we walk according to his Word.

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Excerpt of the Day

The only important thing people must find in us is Jesus.

From Picture Perfect, Posted 12 November 2013