Bomb Bunker Christianity

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There are companies that specialize in bomb bunkers for the modern generation.

They want to help us apocalypse-proof our future.

Their plan is to keep us safe from the zombies, ward off the gene-spliced microbial organisms, and protect us from the radioactive pollutants that are likely to pervade the skies.

They take old military bunkers, the sort hardened against strike-force artillery, and repurpose them with luxurious appointments, including the latest in air and water filtration systems.

Buying into one is like an insurance policy for the worst life can  throw our way.

Psalm 40:4 gives us a simpler solution.

“Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not turn to the proud, to those who go astray after a lie!”

That’s better than a bomb bunker, a stronger defense against an upcoming apocalypse than any hardened hole in the ground could ever be.

How do we make the Lord our trust?

First, we must accept him as our savior. That comes through repentance of wrongdoing and choosing to live after the example of Jesus.

Next, we find out who the Lord is. We discover his character and nature in the examples of the people he interacted with as recorded in the Bible.

Finally, we surround ourselves with those of a like mind. Simply, we cultivate friendships with Christians, spend time with them, and turn to them for support in times of need.

We apocalypse our future when we surround ourselves with Jesus. He is our bomb bunker, and we are safe in him.

Jesus is in control, and we can trust in his plan for our future.

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