Crushing Our Mountains

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What dark clouds shadow your sky?

What high fortress overshadows every move you make?

What high mountain do you have to climb to get past your problems?

No problem, says God. I’ve got this handled. It’s a piece of cake when I come on the scene.

Let’s look at Isaiah 41:14-16 to catch a glimpse of the authority and power that flows to us when we march with God at our side.

Verse 14 says, “I am the one who helps you, declares the Lord.”

Woo, woo! We have the God of all creation at our side!

Verse 15 says, “You will thresh the mountains and crush them, and you shall make the hills like chaff.”

Jump for Joy! Every problem in our way becomes like dust!

Verse 16 says, “You shall rejoice in the Lord; in the Holy One of Israel you shall glory.”

Rejoice in what the Lord has done for us, and again, I say rejoice!

Here’s our takeaway from this:

1. God comes to our aid when we fall short of strength to complete his purpose in our lives. He doesn’t leave us to battle alone. His strength becomes ours.

2. We are no longer the weakling in the battle. We cast off our skinny arms and soft hands. Our fist of iron becomes a terrible thing against the devil, and he will run from the spirit of God he sees in us.

3. Our part is to give God the glory in our success. Celebrate! Party! Sing and dance before the Lord! We are to rejoice in him!

Then we can say: What mountains? What dark clouds? The high fortress has crumbled, and we are free in Christ. Our salvation is come!

God is our help, and all power flows from him.

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