Fully Filled Up

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If we’re going on a trip, what’s the first thing we do?

Fill the tank.

That’s right, the gas tank. Without a full tank of gas, we’re not getting very far.

Kicking the pump off at halfway won’t do for reaching our destination.

“Oh,” some might say. “If we carry less gas, we’ll get better mileage. The lighter weight will be worth the inconvenience.”

Not so. Would we eat half a meal before running a marathon? Empty half our money from our wallet before going to the store? Or only use half the concrete in the foundation of our new home . . . for whatever crazy reason we might do that?

As Christians, we also need to be fully filled up.

Mark 12:30 gives us our full line.

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Notice the four “alls” in this verse. Each one is important. We can’t afford to overlook even one.

1. We must love God with all our heart. 100%. The whole shebang. Everything, totally and completely.

2. And all our soul, meaning our consciousness and the life or spirit that animates us. Our source of life must be God.

3. And all our mind. Our thoughts must be on God daily. We must think on him first in business, in our finances, and in family decisions.

4. And with all our strength. That means no waffling. No putting God after next week’s business deal. No deciding God can be second best in any area of our life.

Life is a journey, a trip we travel from birth to death, our dash, so to speak. We can only be successful if we fill up on God along the way.

God is our fuel for our Christian walk, and in him, we will be constantly renewed.

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