Living on the Rooftop

A family in small town Azle, Texas, bought a house with large windows in an upscale lakefront neighborhood.

The area was heavily wooded, and only the houses along the shore had views of the water. However, the family often walked to the community beach and enjoyed the views from there.

The house had a steeply pitched roof, and after several years, the husband had reason to climb to the top. He discovered that while the lake was hidden from view at ground level, on the roof, he had an outstanding view of much of the lake.

The view was simply hidden from his family when they were inside where it was safe and warm.

Luke 11:33 says:

“No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light.”

Our Christian witness is our light. Just as that man could only see the lake from atop his roof, he could only be seen from the lake when he was high up in the air.

As long as he was safe and secure behind the broad expanses of glass in his house, the lake might as well not even be there.

If we stay safe and secure in our churches, our Christian witness might as well not even be there. We must get out on the rooftop, become visible, take a chance in order that Christ might be seen in us.

Was that roof a safe place to spend time? Of course not, but it was where the view was.

Will setting our witness on a stand—taking a risk that we might be rejected or ridiculed—be a safe place for our self-image and our emotional well-being? Likely not. It is, however, the way we let the light of Christ shine into the world.

When we live on the rooftop, the world will see the light of Christ living out in our actions and words.

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