Necessary Spiritual Nourishment

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What do you prefer, the main dish or dessert?

If you go to the pantry, what’s your snack of choice, an apple or a candy bar?

What do you guzzle when you are thirsty, clear water or a fizzy drink?

We insist our children eat their vegetables because we know they are good for them.

We serve dessert last, so we don’t fill up on sweets.

Carrots, not candy. Crackers, not cookies. A handful of nuts rather than a bowl of ice cream.

When we eat the proper foods, we grow healthy and strong. We can live our best life powered by the nutrients and energy we’ve consumed.

Why, then, do we expect new Christians to instantly adhere to our fully developed concept of biblical theology as soon as they ask Jesus into their life?

1 Peter 2:2 says:

“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:”

In the natural, babies don’t become adults within days or even weeks or months. We feed them what they can stomach before graduating to solid food.

New Christians need the same care. No shoehorns to force in the meat of the Word. No shovels to load it up faster.

New Christians need the truth found in the Word, just not all at once or as fast as we can force it in.

Teach the Word a little at a time, and they will begin to grow in Christ. Soon, they’ll be ready for solid teaching. Christian adulthood will come before we know it.

The truth of the Word tastes better when we serve it with love.

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