Discovering Our Source

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Water flows from a faucet.

We turn the handle, and out it comes, clean, clear, and pure.

We don’t question how it got there. It simply is, and for it to be unavailable, well, that’s a world outside ours.

We can’t imagine an existence without all the available water we need.

Who deserves our appreciation for the clear liquid we use to drink, cook, and clean with every day? To whom do we owe our thanks, the gleaming chrome faucet?

Or, better, we can thank our house, or maybe the pipes in the walls. Surely the pipes have provided this magical, sparkling miracle directly to our glass, so that we can slake our thirst.

It’s easy to lose track of the source of our water, to forget that there’s somewhere out there where the water begins to flow, and without that source, it would never reach our house and trickle into our glass.

John 6:32 reminds us we have a source for the true treasures in life.

“Jesus then said to them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.’ ”

The truth of God doesn’t come from the minister who shares it with us on Sunday morning.

It doesn’t come from the Book out of which he teaches.

It doesn’t come from our time in prayer.

Those are simply the conduits, the pipes that carry the truth to us. Our true source is our Father in heaven. It’s from him that all power and blessings and honor come.

When Christ becomes our focus, we’ve opened the taps, and the blessings will begin to flow.

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