Foolishness Overturned

April Fool’s Day is an enjoyable chance to prank others.

We get to be audacious, over-the-top, and often outrageous; and we can rest assured others are in on the joke.

Top companies have taken to submitting outlandish ads for company products that are impossible to believe, and they do it with tongue-in-cheek sincerity that makes it totally believable.

That is, if it wasn’t April 1.

It seems some Christians live April 1 year-round.

They think they are fooling the world, and others will find their audacious and brazen lifestyle acceptable.

People often do, but God isn’t fooled by our April Fool’s Day lifestyle.

Ephesians 5:1 gives us the only way to live.

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.”

To imitate God, we mimic his behaviors, attitude, and outlook on life. We copy him as closely as possible. Our instructions on how to do this are found in the Bible. We learn his nature by study, prayer, and time spent with other Christians who already live a godly life.

Why does this verse say “as beloved children”? Children accept without question what they are expected to do. Things just are. That’s how we need to accept the standards to which we’re held before God.

We overturn the foolishness of the world when we walk closely with Christ our Lord.

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