God's Finger

There are times we stand confused. The map we’re trying to decipher is unclear, or perhaps we can’t find the mistake in the project we’ve nearly completed. We need someone to give us a word of direction. We need someone to point out just where we’ve gone wrong.

The most convenient pointer we have is our finger. When we need to give directions or point out that overlooked flaw, all we have to do is ball up our hand, extend one finger, and we make our point clear.

What does God’s outstretched finger reveal to us? What does he show us that most reveals his inner heart?

In 2 Timothy 4:1-5, as Paul writes to Timothy, we see God’s finger pointing out his final charge in spreading the Word of God.

Let’s look five facets of God’s final charge:

Final Charge #1:

We must accept the duty given to us by the God of all Creation, the Judge of the living and the dead, for we will one day stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Final Charge #2:

We must be prepared to present the Word of God to the unbeliever at any time, to boldly confront sin, to assign consequences for wrongdoing, yet to be gentle when dealing with those who would reject Christ’s message.

Final Charge #3:

We must not fall into the false doctrines that will arise, for in the end times, some who claim to be believers will deny the need for the necessity of the cross and the salvation of the sinner.

Final Charge #4:

We must not speak only the easy parts of the Gospel, for if we do so, we deny the truth therein. If we teach only fables to demonstrate moral lessons, we have failed Christ. The message of the cross is the only one that matters.

Final Charge #5:

We must take care to ensure that our lives are pure before Christ, not allowing the troubles that come our way to deflect us from spreading the Gospel. We must continually look for opportunities to witness and bring others into God’s family, and above all else, we must make sure our ministry aligns with the Word of God.

We need to quit looking for a “word” from God. We already have his finger pointing out to us exactly what he wants us to do. We are to reflect the example of Christ found in the Scriptures, so that we may lead others to Jesus.

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